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A type of black tea, Assam tea is known for its tart, malty flavour, vigorous body and bright colour. It is more commonly known as breakfast tea, or Irish breakfast tea. As it stems from black tea, the leaves a picked of the camellia sinensis plant. The name of Assam tea comes from the area of which it originated in India, close to the borders of Bangladesh and Burma, along the Brahmaputra River. The Assam region is known as the largest tea growing region in the world, with a very long season. 

Packed full of antioxidants, Assam tea not only wins on taste but also on health benefits. Not quite as loaded with antioxidants as green and white tea due to the extensive oxidation process, however benefits such as decreasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes, and improve blood circulation. Assam tea may help enhance the immune system and lessen the risk for cell damage which in turn may lead to cancer. The other thing it is excellent for is relieving tension and nerves, as well as helping to decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Other benefits lie in oral health, by strengthening teeth and fighting cavities. 

Several experient shows that polyphenolic antioxidants present in black as wel as green tea is capable of preventing cancer risk. More precisely consumption of tea can prevent prostate cancer.

Consumption of tea  reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke.