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Customer/Taster Testimonial

Taster’s Review: Starglory Green Tea


The aroma of the dry leaf is distinctly grassy/vegetal.  The brewed tea has a much softer scent and I pick up on very few of those strong grassy and vegetal tones that I noticed in the dry leaf.

To brew this tea, I used my Breville One-Touch.  I measured out 2 bamboo scoops of tea into the basket of the tea maker and then poured fresh, cool water into the jug.  The settings:  175°F for 1 1/2 minutes.

The results:  The liquid is quite pale.  A very pale, clear green.  The aroma is soft, as I already mentioned.  The flavor is really quite pleasant.

It’s sweet and smooth.  There is very little astringency to it.  It’s an energizing drink but it is also soothing and relaxing to sip.  It’s as if it revitalizes you from the inside out.  It doesn’t get you jumping but gives you that gentle nudge to get through the rest of the day.

The sip starts out sweet with hints of a honey-like note.  I then notice a slight buttery/nutty note.  It’s vegetal but not bitter.  The vegetal tones are something between sweet grass and mild steamed veggies.  The aftertaste has a light, citrusy note.

This is the kind of green tea that I would like to have in my pantry regularly for everyday drinking.  It’s a smooth, sweet and even flavor, something that tastes great before, during or after meals, and all those moments in between.  It’s a really enjoyable tea.  I found it to be a really refreshing iced tea as well.


Taster’s Review: Starglory Orthodox Black Tea (TGFOP1)

What a fabulous Assam!  It’s a rich, full-flavored, robust Assam – just what I’d expect from a top-notch Assam black tea, but it’s far less harsh than many Assam teas that I’ve encountered.  This is smoother and sweeter!

To brew this, I used my trusty Breville One-Touch tea maker (I really love this machine!)  I added 2 heaping bamboo scoops of tea to the basket – a little bit of extra leaf since the curls of the beautiful TGFOP1 leaf add some bulk to it versus the typical smaller torn leaf.  Then I poured 500ml of water into the jug and set the parameters:  205°F and 2 1/2 minutes.

This particular Assam is a single garden tea from the Dibrugarh estate.  I like that when I had a question about the Assam tea’s origins, Starglory Tea got back to me promptly with the answers I was looking for.  I appreciate that kind of customer service!  It makes me feel good about the company I’m dealing with!

This is a really smooth Assam.  It’s malty and there is a wine-like note to this too.  It’s got a crispness to it.  It’s not quite as heavy as some Assam teas can be.  It’s got that invigorating edge to it without being bitter.  In fact, I’m not picking up on any bitterness to this at all.  With many Assam teas, I tend to pick up on a slight bitterness, like hinting at bitterness.  Not quite bitter, but suggesting to me that had I oversteeped the tea, it would have been.  I’m not even getting the slight insinuation that this tea would be bitter!  I like!

There are notes of cacao which I found surprising – in a very good way!  It’s a rich, decadent cacao flavor with notes of flower in the background.  Hints of fruit.  Molasses which adds a rich, almost roasted flavor to the cup that accents the cacao quite beautifully.

While I am sure that this tea would take well to the additions of milk and honey (or other additions if you prefer) I would first recommend tasting it before you add anything to it!  It has a very satisfying flavor served straight and there are so many lovely nuances to this tea and the additions might just overwhelm those other flavors.

This Assam is so good that I’m finding it hard to write this review as I drink it.  I don’t want to stop sipping long enough to put the cup down and type!  That’s the true measure for this reviewer of a really good tea – if I finish the cup of tea before I finish the review – it deserves all kinds of accolades.  And look!  My teacup is empty!